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The Elbert Theatre Foundation

The Elbert Theatre Foundation is in charge of live theatre programming and fundraising at the Elbert Theatre and focuses on events that will enrich arts offerings in the community. The Elbert Theatre Foundation regularly hosts summer camps for children and teens, guided paint classes, concerts, and field trips.

Encore Productions is the live performance branch of the Elbert Theatre Foundation and produces a four-show community theatre season annually. The Elbert Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organization, and all money collected from ticket sales and events are put back into programming and improvements.

2023 Elbert Theatre Foundation Board Members

Bob LarsenPresident: Bob Larson
Patrick BellVice Pres: Patrick Bell
Lanier DunnTreasurer: Lanier Dunn
Secretary: Rebekah Brooks
Bree Alexander Brown
Sam Brown
Katherine Fernandez
Erik Frye
Gunnar Hartley
Gail Larson
Ken Little
Paula McClure
Adrianna Watson
Michael Weis
Julie WilliamsJulie Williams
Adrianna Watson

The Elbert Theatre

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Elbert Theatre

100 S. Oliver St.
Elberton, GA 30635

Elberton Arts Center

17 W. Church St.
Elberton, GA 30635

Toni King, Theatre Manager